Gratitudes + Press

I find it only fitting to offer up my gratitude to the gurus / teachers I’ve been blessed to learn from, as well as the many students I’ve had the opportunity to share a practice with. My personal experiences, and teaching are ever expanding and enriched by the people whom space is shared with.

with Grit, Gratitude, and Grace,

What are the students and teachers saying?


I knew you would love the picture of _____ , closing her eyes, meditating , and breathing.  This was taken today during a guidance counselor’s lesson.  It was a bit busy and hectic and she was the only one doing it.   All on her own!  WOW. We sure love our yoga tool box! M. -2nd grade teacher

Samantha, these two little words aren’t enough, but I must say them anyway… Thank you! My kids are happier and healthier because of yoga, and because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -T, mom to C (2nd grade) and C(5th grade)

  • Samantha is an amazing space holder and energy mover. I have had several Thai massages from her and each one has been unique and has left me blissed in, moving just the right amount of energy. The entire experience is wonderful from the opening guided meditation, to the support of the crystals, to each specific Thai massage technique, to the closing savassana. As an energy healer myself, I am very particular on who I allow to hold space for me and I completely trust Sam each and every time I get on her mat. You only need to be on her mat once to be a believer. – Beckie E.

  • Feeling inspired- I just took the most incredible workshop [Building a Home Yoga Practice] from Samantha Simons! I cannot wait to delve into the information rich manual. What a fabulous instructor and light!

  • Dear Mom,
    I’m so happy you’re my mom and I love being a part of yoga! I even made up a new pose, arm stand! I’m also happy you’re part of my family!
    Love and Peace, Your Friend, Samuel, 2nd Grade

  • Dear Ms. Sam,
    Thank you for the balloon breath. Thank you for the funny box with a mirror in it. Thank you for all the poses, they make me feel good. Thank you for that one breath that your hands go like this (shaka) and you push on your nose. You’re good at teaching yoga.
    Your Pal, Zachary, 2nd Grade

  • Dear Miss Sam,
    Thanks for all the poses and breathing and calming me down. You really help me.
    Your Friend, Owen, 2nd Grade

  • Miss Sam,
    Thank you for teaching us about second chances and being understanding, even when we don’t listen too well. I want to learn more, yoga helps me forget distractions.
    Josh, 4th Grade

  • Dear Ms. Sam,
    Thank you for doing yoga and my favorite pose is the tree pose. But sometimes I fall. But it’s ok because you tell us just to get back up and try again. Another favorite pose is the mountain pose. You are my friend!
    Love, Eita, 2nd Grade

  • Thank you Ms. Sam for teaching us yoga in our class. It is fun doing things like lizard on a rock, and everything else laying on the floor because we need to rest a lot. You are kind to everyone.
    Your Friend, Luna, 2nd Grade

  • Ms. Sam,
    I love you as a yoga teacher and a friend! I appreciate you using your time on us.
    Avery, 2nd Grade

  • (written in rainbow crayon! 
    To Ms. Sam,
    I love that you teach yoga with us at school and we can learn new things. I like balloon breath because it helps us calm down. I really like yoga because there is so much to learn from it. I appreciate your yoga because I have been learning it since I was 4.
    From, Katelyn, 2nd Grade

  • Ms. Sam,
    Thank you for teaching me yoga. It helps me calm down and my family loves the yoga you teach to me that I can teach to them. You’re special to me because you teach me calming down things and your are nice to me. Mrs. Bell says yoga is her favorite day of the week.
    From, Victoria, 2nd Grade