Discovery Sessions

1:1 or Small Group Sessions available in Mindfulness // Movement // Self-Inquiry // Creative Expression. These sessions are specifically tailored to meet the individual student’s needs and goals. We create a practice that allows you to meet yourself where you are on your mat and move through a clearly dedicated experience. Private yoga sessions may include Thai Massage, gentle and firm assists, focus on breath work, asana, and meditation, healing music, all permitting you to frame the path of your practice. Discounts available for packages.

Refining : A Personal Journey from Self-Inquiry to Knowing to Creative Expression: Refining is self – led , no time requirement journey through that helps clients get to the core of finding what drives them, how to find their voice, and express themselves in an authentic and powerful way. Clients can purchase the refining packet to explore on their own, or in conjunction with mentoring and feedback.

COMING SOON: S.A.V.E., Personal Journey Card Deck :  The S.A.V.E. deck will enliven your Self-inquiry -> Action -> (self) Validation -> creative Expression journey with meditations, writing prompts, and mantras to keep the inner fire burning!

Rhapsody Mindfulness and Movement Mentoring – In Greek, the roots of the word ‘rhapsody’ break down into ‘to stitch, to sing.’

Rhapsody is designed to be a connection between what fits you today, but allows for expansion in your self-connection and living potential. This virtual connection provides each student with a full-spectrum focused framework into self-inquiry. The journey into this architecture that is our vessel, and what we choose to house there this a beautiful path learning to better serve the self, leading to better service to the world. Through a deeper connection to your inner workings, you will learn to be more expressive and authentic in your daily life.

Topics include breathing / movement / meditation, self – care, intuitive inquiry, creative expression, and tying it all together.

6 week program includes:

  • one – on – one coaching calls

  • weekly email and pre-recorded message on the weeks’ topic

  • access to a community of current and previous participants

  • no-charge access to virtual workshops

  • self-study exercise and tools

  • custom posture / breath / meditation sequencing

  • …and more!

Mentoring program available on contract basis for studios and groups.

Use the Contacts Tab for pricing and customization.