“I do not understand the mystery of grace, only that it meets us where we are, and does not leave us where it found us.” – Anne Lamott



Service to others is Samantha’s passion. Her teachings help her students uncover what they already know, while providing a safe space for self-inquiry, action, expression and healing to emerge. Samantha’s primary goal is a safe container for you to navigate what is on your path at the moment. Together, there is an exploration and honing of practices that can be woven throughout the workings of daily life to optimize whole-person wellness.

Samantha first came to the physical practice of yoga shortly after the birth of her oldest son in 2002. Finding herself mentally and physically in new territory, she turned to video teachings seeking both the feeling of being anchored, and finding movement in a post-partum body. Over the course of the next decade, the yoga mat would become a sacred space for her to navigate life’s roller coaster of grief, the frequent moves of a military lifestyle, living abroad, and finding healing from physical injury and mental stress.

Her teaching, is based in hatha, interweaving Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurvedic dinacharya (daily rhythms), Skillful hands-on assists, and Sound healing for a full spectrum experience. Samantha also enjoys the outdoors, music, art, and time in the kitchen. Outside the studio, she is the proud and devoted wife to a Navy officer, and biggest fan of her two sons. All of these inform a dedication to the practice of yoga as a way of life, for herself and her clients. Previous teaching includes elementary age classroom yoga in Yokosuka, Japan, public children and adult classes, and special focus workshops in Japan and the Pacific Northwest.

Samantha is a 200E-RYT Yoga Alliance certified instructor, Teacher Training Facilitator, Continuing Education Provider, and Thai Yoga practitioner serving the DMV, Coastal and Piedmont NC areas. (Also available for travel offerings)

Samantha offers 1:1 or small group yoga / thai yoga massage sessions and co-leads yoga + writing retreats at Mindfulness + the Muse. Peripheral to body-based practices, Samantha also hosts MEET | MAKE groups, a place of community, connection, and creation through the arts. 

Your practice loves to meet your energy and needs where they are at every time you grace your mat. Samantha’s goal is to provide skilled guidance and support through the practice, holding safe space for healing and progression to naturally occur. It is an honor and privilege to practice with you!

-All the facets in my soul honor and hold space and time for all the facets in your soul , Namaste.


yoga + bodywork

  • Yoga (group / public classes,workshops, private / small group sessions, on-site contracts, continuing education facilitation)

  • Thai Yoga (deeply assisted, rejuvenating mat based yoga)

  • Children's Yoga

  • Aromatouch



mentorinG + Creativity

  • Refining : A Personal Journey from Self-Inquiry to Knowing to Creative Expression: Refining is self – led , no time requirement journey through that helps clients get to the core of finding what drives them, how to find their voice, and express themselves in an authentic and powerful way. Clients can purchase the refining packet to explore on their own, or in conjunction with mentoring and feedback.


  • Coming Soon...the S.A.V.E. card deck : supporting your Self-inquiry -> Action -> Validation (self) -> creative Expression journey with meditations, writing prompts, and mantras to keep the inner fire burning!


  • Mindfulness + Movement Mentoring program available 1:1, small groups, and studios.


  • MEET | MAKE : Meet up groups for curating community, connection, creation.