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EMBRACE THE ELEMENTS (available for 2019 bookings!)

A 2 hour meditative movement practice based in the 5 great elements of nature (panchamahabhutas) . Ease into a full spectrum all levels, practice with breathwork (pranayama), meditation, and a flow practice slow flow moving into an expansive, dynamic sequence, ending with yin postures and a plentiful relaxation (savasana).

Expect hands on assists, inspirational music, connection and held space!

LIVE DRUMMING available by request.

+ Can be led as a full 5 elements practice
+ Option to extend by adding self-inquiry and written expression during meditation
+ Each element can be led individually as a mini-workshop

Embrace the Elements Q&A:

Q. What is an elements based practice?
Asana meets Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science, rooted in the rhythms of nature! You will explore a deeper understanding of the elements through postures that reflect the changing seasons and life cycles.

Q. What are the natural elements?
Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Space

Q. How do the elements of nature differ from one another? What type of practice does each include?
EARTH: focuses on grounding, hip opening, emphasizing stability and strength . Cultivate strength through slow salutations, hip opening postures, from the ground and on the feet. Suitable for all levels of students seeking a slow, deep vinyasa practice.

FIRE: focuses on rapid, energetic movements, detoxification and purification, digestion. Stoke your internal fire! This practice can help with breaking through habitual patterns (samskaras) and motivate. Geared towards intermediate students wishing to strengthen the body/mind through core-cultivation, heat building pace and movement, with plenty of options available for those newer to the practice.

WATER: focuses on fluid, circular, wavelike movement designed to rejuvenate, counteract the effects of stress, depletion, and over stimulation. Invite the entire physical body to connect through shoulder and heart opening, all movements of the spine. Working to move the body as liquid matter; we release old patterns of tension to find more internal space. All level students will find value in this fluid practice.

AIR: focuses on rapid, uplifting, playful movement designed to traverse freedom, mobility, and creativity. This practice builds on re-establishing supportive mental patterns, as well as breaking through habitual patterns within the body. Air Flow is designed for students wishing to liberate the body/mind through creative sequencing and exploration, beginning with guided sequences, and ending with self-guided practice.

SPACE: focuses on a deep connection to inner self, returning to a place of deep seated calm. The student uses a gradual shift from movement to a lengthy rest and relaxation. All levels of students can benefit from this quiet and meditative time.


BUILDING A HOME / TRAVEL PRACTICE (available for 2019 bookings!)

Transform your practice by equipping your inner teacher.

Explore freedom of an internally focused practice, created for your needs...by you! In this workshop, we address creating a practice environment, the components of a home practice, props, general sequencing, and how to make your practice travel-ready. Takeaways include sample sequences, sequencing template, resources, and more!

Learn how to create the space and yoga sequences necessary to have a safe and effective home yoga practice.

With the skills learned in this workshop, you will be able to confidently practice meditation + yoga in your living room, on vacation, wherever you may roam!

Appropriate for all levels.

Building a Home / Travel Practice Q&A:

Q. What are the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation at home?
Let’s face it, life can be busy, and unexpected! Practicing in a studio / ashram is ideal. You have the benefit of trained teachers, community, props, minimal distractions. Establishing a sound home practice keeps you immersed when snow days call, a kiddo is home sick, or want to squeeze in some practice on your own time or during your travels.

Q. I am intimidated! How do I figure out a flow?
We will cover a loose framework for planning out a practice. You’ll also take home some samples based on energetic needs.

Q. Do I need alllll the space, props and supplies?
While having plenty of space and props handy is a bonus, it’s not a requirement! We will discuss (and brainstorm) creative ways to make a small space in your home / hotel room work for you, and how to support your practice without spending a lot of money on props. Everyone always has a unique suggestion for a prop!

108 Salutations + Inner Work for Solstice / New Year / Your Own Landmark Event
(available for 2019 bookings!)

Welcome in a new season with the power of community, movement, and meditation. Experience a focused and mindful practice infusing personal, chakra based, and universal intentions with a physical practice of 108 Sun Salutations.
You will be guided through an intention setting worksheet and movement with hands on assists and vibrational sound.

This practice is suitable for all levels.

LIVE DRUMMING available by request.

108 Salutations and Inner Work Q&A:

Q. What if I can’t physically DO 108 Sun Salutations??
The movement portion of the workshop is only one component. ALL students are invited to tap into their on deep-seated desires for guidance. Do all 108, only a portion, or none. That’s your call! You’ll find in this practice everyone moves at their own pace, often with eyes closed, listening to spirit.

Q. What’s up with the chakra worksheet?
Intention Paired with Meditation and / or Movement becomes a powerful vehicle for progress. The 108 are split into 9 sections of 12 salutations. Prior to each section, we will spend some time creating an intention for self in the season, each chakra in the season, and a universal intention in the season. After the intention has been set for that section, you’ll choose to freely move through your own set of salutations (with minimal guidance) OR choose to remain in seated meditation. The worksheet serves as a reminder throughout the season to reflect on.

Q. Why do this during solstice, or at the new year, or another significant time?
ANYTIME is a good time to focus on transformation. Practicing around the moon cycles / solstice, a new year, or to mark a significant change brings an extra dose of universal energy. By practicing in a communal setting, we amplify our intentions and energies and uplift one another.

CONTINUING EDucation for yoga teachers

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